Hunga-Water Activated Reinforced Tape 72mm x 100mtr

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Water-Activated Paper Tape is made from natural starch based adhesive. To use the tape apply water to activate the adhesive. When applied to a box, the tape fuses with the box as the adhesive soaks into the cardboard. Within a couple of minutes, it dries completely and is impossible to remove without damaging the box. The tape does not get affected by dirt, dust, oil, or extreme temperature environments.


  • The tape is a two-layer paper with fiberglass reinforcement.
  • Tamper Evident: Once applied, the tape bonds with the surface permanently, making them tamper-evident.
  • Highly Recyclable: Kraft paper has high durability and tear resistance, making it ideal for light to heavy duty packaging.
  • 100% Natural Product: It naturally decays just like fallen leaves.
  • Strength:- Kraft paper is designed for packaging and has high durability and tear resistance.

How to Use?

  • Cut the tape at the required length, as per your box dimensions
  • Apply water on the adhesive side with a wet sponge/cloth or a paintbrush
  • Paste the tape on the box and let it dry for 1-2 minutes
  • Keep the tape away from moisture & humidity


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